Advanced 3DLUTs and Color Presets

We design 3DLUTs with pro colorists working on commercial and feature films.
They were built with the following idea in mind:
"We should design only few but absolutely necessary 3DLUTs, covering the most classic film look and in an ultimate high-end quality"
Now, with Celluloïd you are sure to reach the best colors you can get from digital cameras.

Designed in partnership with french colorist "Rémy De Vlieger" , our packs of 3DLuts are the results of many years of experience. They give you the best starting point for your color grades. From classic film print to more twisted aggressive grades. It's also possible to combine our LUTs together to create hundreds of different look. Celluloïd 3DLUTs package was design to cover a wide pallet of film look, must of them was made from a film print profiled cube and then was tweaked by a team of french colorists to make them all unique and very different.

Celluloïd demoreel video. Colorist : Rémy De Vlieger ... Celluloïd presentation video. 3D LUT color correction tools, video turorials and more ...


Rémy De Vlieger

I'm using Celluloïd Luts everytime I can on my grade, they have so many great colors possibilities.
Florian Paré

Celluloïd LUTs are above every others LUTs provider, with a little bit of fine tuning I always get an amazing result.
Richard Pelmar

Really happy with those Luts, they give me so much speed to grade and get a look faster.

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