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Question 1 : Wich cameras are compatible with CELLULOID 3DLUTs ?
Our 3DLUTs are designed to give the best results with ARRI and RED cameras in ARRI LOG-C and REDlogfilm RedWidegamutRGB colorspaces. We also provide generic REC709 versions of our LUTs you can use them with any video cameras. There is also a way in Da Vinci Resolve to transform you input colorspace to ARRI LOG-C colorspace in order to get the best result.

Question 2 : How to install CELLULOID 3DLUTs ?
Our 3DLUTs are 33x33 .cube files and they are compatible with many different software like Da Vinci Resolve, Filmlight Baselight, Premiere Pro ...
To import our LUT in Da Vinci Resolve, simply copy/paste the .cube files into the Da Vinci Resolve LUT folder, then restart your Resolve software.

Question 3 : How to use CELLULOID 3DLUTs ?
To use 3D LUTs in Davinci Resolve, you nned to copy tjhem in the Davinci Resolve 3D LUTs folder.
For Mac the folder is in Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Blackmagic Design > DaVinci Resolve > LUT
For Windows the folder is C: > Program Data > Blackmagic Design > DaVinci Resolve > Support > LUT

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